PRESIDENT Masao Kidokoro

Living, Learning, Working What we live ourselves as a trinity since our establishment in July 1954, we have been involved in the social infrastructure development, disaster prevention, and disaster recovery in this region through our business of sales, repair, and lease rental of construction machinery in Komatsu. We have dedicated ourselves to daily work so that the work of the customers involved can proceed more safely, efficiently, and with confidence, we have aimed to improve our skills, knowledge, and attitudes together. Also, since 1985, we have launched the sales and construction division of housing equipment mainly for air conditioning equipment of Daikin, and then, with the start of the subsidized business in the country, in 1997, we set up solar power generation sales construction department ahead of other companies in 1997 We have accumulated more than 1,000 construction records so far. Taking advantage of our past achievements and experience, we will not only make proposals that fit customers’ dreams and wishes from among the products that keep pace with progress, but from now on, we will not simply sell products, We will continue to study as we can communicate information on how we can work as a community. Although our company is not “painful even with a small grain of pepper”, we are working with a business with a minority of warmth and compassion as we stated in the corporate philosophy, we will challenge until death to fulfill our life living in this world “Growing infinity” to continue learning and growing and friends, to work constantly, always going to the right thing “Personality Ceramics” Continue to work not only to work only for salary but to realize self-realization through work We are aiming to create a company that can grow humanly.


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