Keep your Excavators Running their best

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As an excavator owner and/or operator, you know it’s not wise to just hop in the cab in the morning and start working right away. While time is money on most of your jobs, not taking a few minutes to do an inspection can hurt your uptime, cause unnecessary damage and wear to your machine, and compromise safety.


Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting Construction Equipment Cabs

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Enclosed spaces like cabs can harbor germs and viruses like the coronavirus — during times like this, cleanliness is incredibly important. Keeping surfaces disinfected is a responsibility for everyone to help keep each other protected.

At Volvo we are doing our part to help keep customers safe, and that now includes contactless sanitizing of cabs and touchpoints on all Volvo Certified Used and Volvo Inspected machines. It’s another level 



Do it Yourself or Call your Dealer?

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In times of uncertainty like this, many of you are likely looking to maintain or repair your machines faster and cheaper. You may be opting to do it yourself, and in many instances — especially if you have a skilled and experienced technician — it can be a smart move. But for some repairs, there’s the potential to cause further damage to other components or systems, which could end up costing you a lot more time and money in the long run.


How to Inspect Used Equipment

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Used machines are smart ways to compliment or round out your fleet — and if you know what to look for (and ask about), you can feel more confident that your used equipment purchase will be with you out in the field and not in the shop.

It’s never a guarantee, obviously, but here are some tips on inspecting some of the more critical components on a used machine to ensure its condition is in line with the asking price: