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We started our business in 1960 as a maintenance shop for Komatsu’s heavy equipment in Nagoya, located in the center of Japan.


Since then, we have developed our heavy equipment business from a maintenance shop to a local distributor of Komatsu products, and then to a rental business, too.


What we have been doing for more than 60 years is to propose equipment that meets the needs of our customers in each era and environment, and to maintain the equipment so that it can be used in good condition at all times. In the unlikely event of an accident or malfunction, we have been committed to providing a quick return to work. This accumulated sincerity in our response to our customers has earned us the ongoing support of local customers.

Our company motto is to believe in our unlimited growth, and in the process of that growth, to continue to refine our character by training our own human nature and moral values. In other words, we work with sincerity and treat our customers and various stakeholders with respect, We learn from these activities and continue to grow and become people who our customers trust.

This is the DNA of JSKK.

For 60 years since its establishment, JSKK has been doing business with domestic customers in Japan However, from 2020, With a view to future business development overseas. We have started a business to provide quality used Japanese heavy equipment to our overseas customers. In addition to vehicles traded in from users and our lease-up vehicles, we also offer used Komatsu and other manufacturers’ quality used equipment from a reliable network.

While used vehicles for overseas markets tend to be more price-oriented, we prioritize quality. We aim to provide used equipment of the quality level for Japanese users at reasonable prices. Even if the equipment is of good quality, daily and periodic maintenance is essential because heavy equipment is used in a harsh environment.
We hope our customers will fully understand this point and use our machines for a long time with appropriate maintenance.

Our dream is to expand the circle of trust with our overseas customers step by step.

Chairman’s Message

PRESIDENT Masao Kidokoro

We will be able to meet with your variety of requests.

Living, Learning, Working We have lived ourselves as a trinity since our establishment in July 1960, we have been involved in the social infrastructure development, disaster prevention, and disaster recovery in this region through our business of sales, repair, and lease rental of construction machinery in Komatsu.

We have dedicated ourselves to daily work so that the work of the customers involved can proceed more safely, efficiently, and with confidence, we have aimed to improve our skills, knowledge, and attitudes together. Also, since 1985, we have launched the sales and construction division of housing equipment mainly for air conditioning equipment of Daikin, and then, with the start of the subsidized business in the country, in 1997, we set up solar power generation sales construction department ahead of other companies in 1997 We have accumulated more than 1,000 construction records so far. Taking advantage of our past achievements and experience, we continued to make proposals that fit customers’ dreams and wishes from among the products that keep pace with progress. We will continue to study as we can communicate information on how we can work as a community.

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