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JSKK Japan is a company where main business functions are carried out right there in Nagoya, Japan. As we are into the business of selling used construction machinery/equipment for nearly about six decades; 60 years we have become one of the top-ranked establishments in Japan whilst we do undertake machinery service activities, retrofitting activities, and also machinery renting out service too.

As we have spread all across Japan and also we do exports only through trading companies which are located in Japan to different parts of the world especially to the Asian and Southeast Asian Regional Countries however which are of other names as the same is done by our trading companies.

Now we are on a new pace in approaching the South East Region, especially the country like Sri Lanka as we understand that the affordability of the construction machinery is of a timely need in the said business domain as we do have the potential of selling the same at affordable prices as that stands at our main USP; Unique Selling Proportion in our company in our core business model.

And also we understand that a place which you will have in the future in terms of getting your already bought machinery serviced would also be a timely need as we are to solve that gap in need as since we are going to establish a Construction Machinery Service Center in Sri Lanka in some months to come.

Notwithstanding, we still consider that should you are under a platform of complex scenario on purchasing our quality retrofitted used machinery that there is a definite way of using our “You Earn First and Pay Later for Us” service through our “Lease and Rent a Construction Machinery” Service which will a new opening to the Sri Lankan construction industry to see a better way forward within the industry.

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PRESIDENT Masao Kidokoro

We will be able to meet with your variety of requests.

Living, Learning, Working What we live ourselves as a trinity since our establishment in July 1960, we have been involved in the social infrastructure development, disaster prevention, and disaster recovery in this region through our business of sales, repair, and lease rental of construction machinery in Komatsu.

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